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Our story - Arlozorov Forum

The Arlozorov Forum is a research institute that operates independently and is involved in shaping socio-economic policy in Israel. It was founded as an initiative by the Histadrut, the General Federation of Labour in Israel.

Our Vision

To ensure that all residents of Israel have access to fair employment, dignified quality of life, and equal opportunities.

We aim to promote the development of an advanced and innovative economy to reduce socio-economic gaps and create inclusive and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

 To provide decision-makers with an up-to-date database, research, and knowledge that will assist them in developing policies that benefit the public.

Our Goals

We analyze research findings from Israel and around the world. Based on this analysis, we create current and relevant policy recommendations.

Identifying long-term economic and social trends and formulate appropriate policy tools accordingly.

Lead public discourse on socio-economic policy, with a focus on promoting inclusive growth and ensuring fair distribution of resources.

We strive to update the knowledge and agenda of Israeli trade unions, enabling them to effectively address the labor market challenges of the 21st century.


Areas of research

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